Speaking of Fendi, what is your first impression? Is the colorful girl’s heart, or the little monster? 2017’s autumn and winter show may subvert your thoughts. Fendi has changed and returned to the elegant route. Wood, sky, warm” (carmine, camel, dark blue green) as the main color scheme, geometric beauty of the combination of Vienna prints and Italian check, mosaic craftsmanship and strong visual impact. All of this from the inspiration of dawn which is full of romance and elegance.

Speaking of geometric elements, this time Fendi is full of wood grain geometric print elements through the whole showing. Not only in the new bags.

The success of Runway bag belongs to Fendi’s chief designer Karl Lagerfeld, Lafayette in fashion. After the concept of “Fun Fur” was proposed by Karl, Fendi’s customer base was greatly expanded. It is such a legendary and superbly capable Lafayette that creates one after another that cannot surpass the peak.

2017 Runaway is more suitable for elegant and capable professional women. Its geometric shape and light design exudes a modern and refined style. The simple lines create a stiff exterior with a magnetic lock for a low-key luxury atmosphere.

The Runaway bag comes in standard and small size options allowing you to put iPad, work files, iPhone and credit card items that are indispensable for your work and life into the front and inner pockets of the geometric body.
Adjustable shoulder straps and handlebars make the Runaway bag extremely convenient, while presenting new “F is FENDI” logo of Fendi for multiple and joyful side. The handles are finely decorated on both sides, and the “F is FENDI” logo can be easily removed. It is used as a spring clip to match the FENDI Strap You and Mini Strap You straps! Metal fittings are made from a blend of palladium and gold-plated materials to add a different flavor.
“Light” is the most distinctive feature of Runaway bag. Its micro-fine material lining is also one of the heroes to make it light, so you can easily catch any date at any time!

The materials used smooth leather with classic black, white, intense red, brown or blue, and will be launched from unsex to elegant monochrome style with contrasting black piping.

While the luxurious style with a practical front zip pocket decorating with rare animal skins from black crocodile skin to hand-painted colored suede with matching piping. It perfect to reflect the attention of FENDI to detail and the superb craftsmanship of various materials.
If you’ve been looking for a bag that’s easy to carry and elegant in every occasion, then the  bag is definitely the best choice for you! Don’t miss it.