Fendi’s bags are always quietly to please person. At first glance, maybe there is nothing, but the longer people look at or carry it , the more good bag that customers will feel. It is the kind of “second eye beauty” that we always say.
Fendi by the way bag appeared in the autumn and winter 2014. The three-dimensional silhouette, very clean and neat lines, and the material of calfskin are really wonderful.

Supermodel Izabel Goulart and Soo Joo Park

Sarah Gadon and Giovanna Battaglia

Anya ,the big cousin Liu Wen with Fendi BTW

Street style

Why Choose BTW Bag
The sleek rectangle is like a mini Boston bag. The lines are neat and the color is simple. Short studs on the sides of the handbag are embellished with a rock and roll feeling. Moreover, the different theme of the season, By the way also has some changes: By the way becomes two gorgeous leather flowers at The Flower-land theme of Spring/Summer 2016. Inspired by the Japanese garden in autumn and winter 2016, the elements of lotus leaves and waves are applied to the straps. Whether it’s minimalist or wild, it’s all right.

Exquisite metal sign can engrave the customer’s name and letter, which will be a unique bag with your own name. It is nothing but the most touching sense of exclusiveness.

Designer Silvia Venturini Fendi is good at maximizing women’s daily needs when creating handbags. Considering women’s commute convenience and party playability, By the way has a choice of sizes. And they are equipped with short hand pulls and long shoulder straps, which can be flexibly chosen to suit your needs.

Micro: 21*12.5*9.5(L*H*D)cm
Small/Menium: 27*15*13(L*H*D)cm
Large: 32*18*15(L*H*D)cm

By The Way — “Buy this way”, which can be a shoulder, back and hand bag. A pack of three bags, especially as the hand, it is instantly shaped and can take it to various occasions. There are also crocodile tails for the show which is fascinating for countless girls.

The boutique package has changed from generation to generation. If a bag want to be a leader in the famous products and win the favor of the ladies, relying on the bright appearance is not enough at all. Due to the funny name—by the way, which makes people unforgettable, the bag has successful pre-empted the name.

Sum up
Don’t look at it looks very petite, it can be loaded inside! Because of its power, BY THE WAY handbags have become the new favorite of all stars and hipsters. Paired with a playful fur pendant, lively yet stylish, DIY has a different style. So, it will be regret if missing this beautiful and practical bag.