Fendi package is also the hottest that effortlessly become a dearest bag of all actresses. In Fendi show, this bag is already the vane of the future fashion. Add smooth lines to classic styles creating high-quality Dotcom. The understated luxury color and materials lead the trend of bag. With these elements, the single-handle and personalized thick Strap You become the biggest feature of Dotcom bag.

Jessica Marie Alba carrying Fendi Dotcom bag and personalized thick shoulder strap Strap You

Many Dotcom package owners share their DIY results on the INS

Elegant appearance
The most iconic hollowed-out dots on the front of Dotcom, the entire bag is basically rectangular with tough leather reflecting the smooth feeling. Single handle is still a hot trend, and the surface is decorated with splicing, which is quite noble.
There are none stitches and dots on the back, which is cleaner and neat.

Four metal round studs on the bottom which is easy to product wear marks because of the nails’ height. So be more careful when put bag on somewhere.
Such a large leather bag with metal fittings weights less than 1000g, which is already light in the big bag.
The handbag contains two spacious zipper areas offering owner enough space to store items.
Innovative design
Why this bag is called Dotcom, because of the dots and round holes. The metal dots of the triangle are “locked” on the hollow hole. But why?
A single handbag, contrasted-color with the main bag, which can be a separate room to store objects. More significant, it can be taken to dinner party as a evening bag.

Exquisite detail
Metal single-handle on the front is the same as the dots: metal rivets.
And the metal rivets become metal buckles on the back therefor the shoulder strap can combine with bag.
The two ear-shaped designs on each side can be buckled or released. If you don’t like the shape of the bag too regular, of course, you can open it which can be quite cute and youthful.

Exquisite Fendi Dotcom bag, loved by many artists

Supermodel Gigi Hadid has a red one and has taken it several times

British singer Rita Ora

Jessica Chastain

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio

Dotcom’s strongest CP – thick popular Strap You
At the end of 2015, Fendi launched a series of straps called Strap You, which can be used with any bag, not just Fendi. And Dotcom is the one that best matches Strap You, and this is also the highest pair of CP in fashion street style by celebrities. Its style will push the hottest “wide shoulder strap” trend to the climax, and it can even be said to play a role in adding fule to the fire.