In the past few years, from small monsters to hair ball pendants, from Peekaboo to Baguette, as well as to Strap You, Fendi has been creating surprises while still giving us surprises. Fendi’s 17 new – Kan I is also a sweet choice.

Source of inspiration
Karl Lagerfeld used a big show to take us back to the 18th century—Rococo era, the champagne and the beautiful era.

The so-called Rococo is actually an art style popular in Europe in the 18th century. Its biggest feature is to make the delicate and gorgeous decoration to the extreme. Lace, flowers, embroidery, straps and other elements commonly found in Rococo clothing can be seen on the Kan I series.

In addition to Rococo, Queen Mary’s gorgeous palace and the romantic spring of the Versailles garden also gave Kan I inspiration. The splendid and delicate decoration, the attractive color of macarons, and the floral embroidery all touched our girl’s heart (wallet).

Colorful and playful shape
With a practical organ style, the sweet palace style bag has a square shape. And the new iconic square rivets of Fendi – rainbow rivets as a unique decorative lock.

The macaron color rivet design is pieced together into a bow pattern adding the wavy lace that like a delicate French pastry making people feel happy.

Taking the plain leather with shell lace, contrasting edge banding, printed with leather flowers and bows, the material and craft shows the French court’s obsession with oriental silk during the Rococo period.

4 small metal rings in the front and back of the handle which not only plays a decorative role, but also can be equipped with a variety of Strap You.

Kan I with  Strap You reflects both the elegance and cuteness of ladies.

Kendall and Chaira Ferragni


Mini size: 19*13.3*9cm

Small size: 25*18.5*13cm

The square Mini bag is also more cute and attractive. When paired with a chain, whether it is on the hand or on the shoulder, it feels sweet and lively.

Kan I not only looks sweet, but also exquisite workmanship. The inside of the bag is also made of leather that feels wonderful use. And the reasonable layout inside the bag with an inner bag and compartment is very practical!

Sum up
As the Fendi IT Bag 2017, the KanI series has definitely awakened girls’ sleepy romance-hearts. The sweet and pleasing KAN I meets the girl’s dreams. Of course, if your wear is always low-key, too fancy bags may not good. Don’t worry, this bag also have neat style, but reveals the feminine of ladies. When you have a KAN I bag, it is looking forwarding to owning it at every minute and second.