Fendi Tote bag is only empty: solid color without pattern, hollow “F” logo, and large capacity without zipper or button, but there is still a small handbag .

Simple appearance
if paired with a white top or a long skirt, the oversized tote bag is really too eye-catching. As a basic model of Fendi, it is good at grasping the color. This time, the color saturation is just right, which is very summery. Does it remind you of the soft waves in the summer sun?
There are eight colors to choose from in this collection. The soft and colored leather with delicate stitching technique is very modern.
The corner design of the inverted T increases the three-dimensional sense of the bag. No matter where you put it, the bag can maintain its posture steadily.
Double thin leather shoulder straps make the entire bag look light without the bloated and drag of tote bag. It can be worn on the shoulders or handcuffs, more significant, it is perfect for everyday wearing.

High-grade material selection
The leather materials of Fendi are directly from the original ecological farms that have passed the inspection. Each piece of calfskin is layered and screened so that each part of the bag is wrapped in calfskin with uniform texture. The calfskin body adds a sense of luxury to bag. At the same time, the delicate leather makes the use a pleasure.
The interior is made of a blend of materials feeling good. The hot print logo on the inside which can be seen through the hollow “F” logo. The homochromy of the detachable small handbag use the same material. Except for the logo on the front of the front, there is no decoration in the whole body.

Composition: 100% calfskin leather
Inner: 61% cotton, 32% polyester, 7% polyurethane
Unique logo design
The tilted F logo in front of the bag, which is made by grinding and painting. And it has a color system with the bag, which is also the biggest highlight of the bag.
If you think that the bag is too elegant, you can use Fendi Gelato’s accessories, which is cute and cool shape to cool down the hot summer.
As a representative of the shopping tote bag, its size is a must element for commuting. So don’t worry about the capacity of the bag, it is enough.
The popularity of this bag is expected, simple and elegant appearance, with a unique logo design, the package inside and outside the package. The opening bag is easy to use adding a large space can fully meet the needs of shopping or outgoing. Of course, you can also increase the capacity of the bag with a mini or small bag. As well as it’s a good match.