Since Fendi launched the Monster bag, the brand has gone further and further on the lovely road. This season, Fendi Hypnoteyes bag was launched, which is the dearest bag of fans of Fendi.

The whole expression and big eyes of the little monster are simply cute. Furry elements add a modern touch. Very suitable for autumn and winter. Let’s take a look at this little cute bag:
First, we need to interpret its name.
FENDI introduces the latest Hypnoyes series to showcase the fun side of the brand.

Hypnoteyes continues to the unique style of FENDI Faces and the “Little Monsters” series blending fun energy into a variety of facial expression designs. The word Hypnoteyes is a fusion of “hypnotize” and “eyes”, which uses metallic materials and colorful studs to create a geometrical face pattern. These square/round eyes, triangular noses and eyelashes which are made of fur or metal adding a personality and freshness to the bag and small leather goods in a unique way of Fendi.

Second, let’s analyze its appearance.
A couple of big eyes (round or square) on the entire surface of the bag with a small triangular mouth that a cute face appeared in front of you. Due to some decorations: rivets on the eyes or colored fluff, the seems unique. Underneath the handbag is a pair of metal legs and fur shoes, which instantly captures your little heart.

A thin chain shoulder strap and a leather-wrapped chain shoulder strap can carry on shoulder or cross-body. Of course, you can also put it in your hand. Through the leather handles above the bag (all are carefully decorated, very personal, stylish).

There are multiple flat pockets inside to sort the items.

Finally, let’s match our little monsters together.

If you think that the Hypotoyes bag can’t satisfy your lovely heart, there is a fluffy Fendi little monster—Bag Bugs that has its own name: Dazzeling, Blossy, Cucaoo, Karlito. Everyone remembers what the favorite little monster is called and avoids making mistakes when buying.

These little monsters are made of Fendi’s most advanced fur material, not only can be used as a bag, but also perfectly matched with different clothes. The popular Fendirumi has attracted attention, becoming a fashionista. The most dazzling accessories.

One of the most famous Bag Bugs is Karlito, which was launched by Lafayette. After it launched, the Bag Bug is popular all over the world, and the rhythm of snapping!

Sum up
Such a cute and fun bag, don’t you want to have one? The blogger can’t control herself. After finished the article, blogger will go to the counter to hunt for treasure and add a Hypnoteyes to herself right now.