In the 2018 early autumn series, as the new hanging ornaments, Gelato is inspired by the sweet and delicious summer — ice cream. Even in the fall of the slightest coolness, Gelato is still hot. The soft appearance looks like an ice cream, and the leather sticks and small bite marks show the irresistible taste.

The deep root between charm Fendi and sweet-looking Gelato
Gelato, the exclusive name for “Italian traditional handmade ice cream”. Compared with the general ice cream, it tastes sweeter and smoother. And it is praised as “an insurmountable classic in ice cream” by the gourmets of the world. So Gelato is widely regarded as the originator of modern ice cream.

Italian also set up a museum for it to understand the birth and change process. There is even a dedicated ice cream university that accepts Gelato pilgrims from all around the world.

Recalling one of the classic scenes of the movie “Roman Holiday”, the beautiful Princess Hepburn bought the ice cream on the street of Italy, it is the Italian ice cream Gelato. This may be the sweetest reason that why countless people dumped Italy.

Gelato represents a lifestyle of Italians—exquisite, sunny, elegant and cozy. It is the infiltration and extension of art in life, and it is the pride of Italians. Of course, this attitude is also design philosophy of Fendi. So when the two parts met with each other, bursting into brilliant sparks.

Fendi Gelato charms in ice sucker shape feature a distinctive color-block design. The wavy stripes are decorated with delicate textures such as short-haired mink skin and rabbit skin. And a bright and fresh color scheme: green and pink, yellow and blue or red and white. A contrast leather strap with a tag of Fendi logo makes Gelato a perfect pendant for a beloved handbag or suitcase. The fashion style highlights the sweet and cute feeling. And as it is furry, which offers the smooth and delicate touching.

Could people still remember the a small mood that a ice-cream cone held on hand liking a treasure, and he or she was not willing to eat but was afraid of melting? Fendi understands the cherish and cares for every childlike soul with accessories. In addition to the above styles, there are also charms in ice-cream cone shape that are full of memories. And relatively speaking, this style is more cute. The leather shell is decorated with round plush balls, which are both tasteful and youthful.

Continuing the unique tradition of Fendi, exquisite and lovely design of pendants launch new charming products every season. Demonstrate eclectic personality, relaxed and lively aesthetics, as well as the strict pursuit of design details and material quality of brand.