The movie Venom was released in the United States on October 5, 2018. And I finally had time to go to the cinema last weekend.

“Venom: Deadly Guardian” is a science fiction film produced by Marvel Entertainment and Columbia Pictures that is released by Sony Pictures Entertainment. It is directed by Ruben Frescher, and Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Ritz Ahmed and other stars as the protagonist.

The film tells that journalist Eddie Bullock was invaded and controlled by an unidentified alien symbiosis in the process of investigating the life science foundation’s latest scientific experiment. And then he struggled to become a superhero “venom”. He will attack the poison with poison, open the horrific conspiracy to crack the life foundation, and save the guardian chapter of the world.

The movie is very shocking, and the little monster Venom inside is also very cute. My monster plot was once again mobilized. So I chose a little monster bag – 2Jours Elite for myself. Like the Venom, guarding me.

In recent years, the young Fendi seems to have changed. The bags launched by the brand are highly sought after by actresses, and it is so popular with the charm. Many fashion celebrities say 2 Jours is for fashion women. As the Jours comes from French Toujours, whic means forever. So Fendi is committed to creating a classic and everlasting image of the shape of the handbag. The structure is simple, the shape is three-dimensional, and the use of various leather materials makes the package always new and eye-catching. What’s more, this bag is customizable and prints the initials on the label.

2 Jours has two sizes: mini and normal. Continuing the high-capacity design of Fendi itself, it is a very good commuter bag temperament choice.

Although the style of this bag is very simple, the rare material used for its surface is not so common. Including black matte leather, crocodile skin, python skin, fox fur, color matching horse skin, soft patent leather, full leather, felt, leather, geometric pattern woven and so on.

The street shoot of Celebrities with 2 Jours
Sarah Jessica Parker must be true love for Fendi. She is also the best interpretation of Fendi 2 Jours style, who is simple and elegant.

Since Fendi launched 2 Jours, and there were too many occasions for the celebrity Olivia Palermo who is always with this bag bearing her initials. She has the true love for it. And the red size, with the height of Olivia Palermo, it is so nice.

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova with 2 Jours was actually recited a touch of cute and lovely experience.

Due to the help of the Fendi hairball, Cara Delevingne puts such a dignified bag back with a ghostly temperament.