Most of the high-end jewelry brands have expanded their leather products since the 1970s, and then jewelry has begun to grow up on leather goods. If people judge whether a bag is popular, it is largely related to the appearance design, then followed by the internal composition. However, if a bag is decorated with jewelry, which girl can resist this jewelry bag. Especially in the pursuit of personality and fashion today, an ultra-luxury jewelry bag will be unforgettable and loved.

As a leather family, Fendi has been constantly updating its products for nearly 100 years. In 2005, Michael Burke was appointed CEO of Fend to shift the direction of the brand towards jewelry. His strategy: Inauguration ceremony at the new headquarters of Palarzzo Fend, designed by Peter Marino in the heart of Rome, the design blueprint incorporates modern installations(such as glass floors) and the 18th century Piano Nobile decoration are the ladder for the process of brand. Palarzzo Fend has also become the main trademark of the jewelry collection. This also laid the foundation for the perfect match of jewelry and bags.

Make jewelry with the craft of making custom bags and design bags with the concept of designing jewelry, Fendi links these two materials through demanding technology. Let the brand stand out in it bag. Fendi teamed up with one of Italy’s most prestigious and oldest jewelers to launch five original crocodile leather handbags, including two Baguette and three mini Peekaboo.

Baguette is sewn with pink or green crocodile skin, then the ruby, sapphire and emerald are placed on top of the gold trim. Blue crocodile mini Peekaboo is made of green leather. 723 sapphires and emeralds are embellished on metal rails and gold rotating locks, as well as deep red and black, which are refreshing.

Fendi emerald-blue gems green crocodile leather Baguette
Fendi red-white gems pink crocodile leather Baguette

Don’t underestimate such a handbag, it takes more than a hundred hours to make it. Top craftsmen make paper molds for various parts of the handbag, place them on crocodile leather, then cut the leather and sew the handbag.

Craftsmen will draw drafts of the ornaments, then use extremely long pliers to put the gemstones one by one on the draft, then pour the gold into the mold, cast the bag, rotate the lock and other details. Finally, the gemstones are hand-set by hand by top craftsmen. Colorful gems and diamonds are combined with an elegant and luxurious leather, which is interwoven with an unparalleled elegance.

Fendi green gems blue crocodile leather Mini Peekaboo
Fendi pink gems red crocodile leather Mini Peekaboo

The exquisite bag is embellished with pebbled gems or crystals, which not only makes whole bag unique, but also makes owner feel luxurious.
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