On a rare weekend, I thought about going out on foot. But the weather was bad and the blogger stayed at home for the whole day. In order to pass the time, I take a movie to entertain. And a Korean movie “Daisy” with a love theme has successfully attracted me (well, at first glance, you know that the blogger is a person without the boyfriend. However, I am still very anxious about the coming of love).

An overview of the Korean movie “Daisy” story-line
Amsterdam, HuiYi (Gianna Jun) is a painter who goes to the square every day to help passers-by draw portraits. And like her, the weather is not changing, there is a daisy sent by someone on time every day, making her heart sway and curious.

One day, Zhengyou (Lee Sung-Jae) met the painter, who was an international policeman came to the city to hunt down the killer. But he was fascinated by the gentle and touching HuiYi, and their love was blooming.

These scenes are sent in the eyes and hurt in heart of the flower sender. His identity is killer Park Yi (Jung Woo Sung) that Zhengyou is looking for, destining to give him the position to give up, and to pay for it. However, after a strong love, he no longer hides in the dark, he is determined to fight for happiness.

The two people are legally and emotionally opposed, and they are destined to be unable to complete the ending. A misplaced love spread on the flower cloth of HuiYi, which depicts the daisy.

The movie is very beautiful. In addition to love, I also feel the sweetness brought by the daisy(the national flower of Italy). This kind of little flower can bring warmth and happiness to people.

Appreciation of the culture related to chrysanthemum plants
The flower song of daisy is innocent, peaceful, hopeful, pure beauty and love hidden deep in the heart. And it can divination the love. And it also presents to the literature of the United Kingdom describes belongs to Shakespeare.

Daisy flowers have often been used for divination love in Western countries since ancient times. Peel off the petals of this flower, peel off each piece, and meditate in your heart: love me, or not. Until the last petal, it represents the lover’s mind.
Another way is that you can know your wedding time through the number of daisy among the bunch that you pull up from the ground.

This kind of flower symbolizing happiness and sweetness will be appreciated by everyone. Fendi brought this flower to the work, so that those who don’t have a bag can harvest their own sweet happiness.

Fendi Peekboo Daisy flower black calfskin leather imitated bag