FENDI 2019 spring and summer series big show has released. In this era of rapid information change, the trend is constantly changing. To attract the attention of the previous generation, more changes are necessary! Nowadays, young people pay more attention to individuality and express themselves. FENDI also understands this truth. This season’s fashion item is a perfect interpretation of this trend, while retaining the freshness, while still retaining the brand’s unique charm.The show was decorated in a dreamy light pink, surrounded by romantic pink elements, the models brushed high and simple hair, coming slowly under the huge red gold stitching logo.In the front row of the show, we also saw a lot of familiar faces. ChiaraFerragni and singer Fedez were all present at the scene. They chose FENDI’s old-fashioned pieces to be worn in a retro style.

Retro resurgence

With the resurgence of timeless retro style, FENDI’s classic double F design is once again active in the public’s sight. The fashion masters personally interpret the retro style with these new 2019 Fendi bags. This season, FENDI’s classic old flower debuts with a new look. The retro color of the camel color and the F logo became a key element of FENDI’s quarter.The strong trend of PVC makes FENDI unable to ignore this element. Transparent PVC leather with camel leather, looking for balance in fashion and vintage, clothing comes with a sense of style, practical and luxurious.The F logo is implanted into the item in a three-dimensional embossing manner. Whether it is a pillow-shaped bag or a straight skirt, or a large version of the baseball jacket, you can detect the return of the LOGO.

The bright orange lights up the entire series in the show, like the orange flowerbed to be opened, not too weak, not too strong, but powerful.

The intellectual combination has a new interpretation in the FENDI 2019 spring and summer series. The angular silhouette of the suit adds to the feminine atmosphere, the advanced nude color and the retro brown-red color make them more modern.

In addition to the texture of the leather fabric, spring and summer, of course, indispensable print graphics, light and elegant print dress and divergent color block stitching, adding a touch of sexy to a woman’s gracefulness.

FENDI 2019 spring and summer series bag detailsFENDI’s accessories are also a must-have in the entire collection. Leather stitching pockets have been added to the classic styles, and the enhanced functionality of the handbags reflects the bag’s nostalgic texture. The multi-pocket mini waist-bag can not only span the waist but also  the chest, seemingly complicated, but full of practicality.