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The letter X is complex and diverse, but always with a different kind of inspiration. What does X mean for you? In this regard, FENDI’s answer is: the expansion is more size and possibilities. The new FENDI Peekaboo X-Lite handbags will simultaneously upgrade the capacity and personality, presenting the elegance of urban women with a new fashion attitude, that is, irregular beauty.

The Peekaboo X-Lite series handbags debuted on the 2018-19 autumn and winter women’s show, bringing the Peekaboo handbags to a new stage, with a selection of high-quality materials and attention to detail, once again demonstrating FENDI’s ingenuity and creativity.

While maintaining its iconic look and temptation, the FENDI Peekaboo X-Lite collection features a modern and functional casual shape, and the classic central hand strap and bag intermediate partition structure. These designs create a strong, soft look and feel that embodies a perfect balance, bringing a new style of relaxation to this classic handbag.

The interior and exterior of the bag are made of the softest and smoothest leather, reinforcing the smiley look of the Peekaboo collection handbags and focusing on precious ideas of quality materials and minimalism. The hand-painted side further enhances the purity and craftsmanship of this luxurious piece.

The color of the Peekaboo X-Lite handbags reveals the minimalist and urban feel of the handbag, neutral tones such as black, moss green, brown and light brown. The neutral-tone inner pocket and the signature FF logo jacquard fabric create a contrast effect. Other versions of the bag also use the FF logo to decorate the soft shearling lining.

The Peekaboo X-Lite, which cleverly simplifies the body, debuts in a lighter manner, transforming the minimalism of Peekaboo X-Lite into an elegant logo. The mouth of the bag is casually opened, revealing more fashionable thoughts inadvertently. The simple silhouette outlines the straightforward gesture, and the unique cut creates a gentle visual effect.

In the function X can create infinitely possibility as an independent variable, then the Peekaboo X-Lite handbag reinforces Peekaboo’s signature smiley face thanks to the wool-lining hand-painted side with FF-logo. These exquisite details can be combined to create a wonderful and attractive look.

Ultra-lightweight and smart shape, with exquisite craftsmanship and layered handbags, the rich elements are just right blended. The former X represents the limit, but now FENDI uses it to express itself, not bound by the rules, but still full of personality, low-key neutral color does not hide its excellent temperament. Gentle and full of power, conveying freedom and romance, FENDI gives X the infinite meaning. FENDI Peekaboo X-Lite series handbags create a new and elegant style with irregular beauty.

Why is cybersecurity so important in the Internet age? http://cybersafety.mn/2019/03/19/why-is-cybersecurity-so-important-in-the-internet-age/ Tue, 19 Mar 2019 07:32:20 +0000 http://cybersafety.mn/?p=487 In the Internet age, characters are of course inseparable from cybersecurity. This career is also very important in the future! So what is network security? What is the concept of…
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In the Internet age, characters are of course inseparable from cybersecurity. This career is also very important in the future! So what is network security? What is the concept of security? Cybersecurity includes policies and practices for preventing and monitoring unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of computer networks, and resources accessible to the network.

Network security involves the authorization of access to data in the network, which is controlled by the network administrator. Users select or assign IDs and passwords or other authentication information to allow them to access information and programs within their scope of authority. Cybersecurity covers a variety of public and private computer networks used in everyday work; transactions and communications between businesses, government agencies and individuals.

What are the main factors that threaten cybersecurity? The security threats faced by computer networks can be roughly divided into two types: one is the threat to the network itself, and the other is the threat to the information in the network. Threats to the network itself include threats to network devices and network software system platforms; threats to information in the network include, in addition to threats to data in the network, threats to information system applications that process such data.There are many factors affecting computer network security. The threats to network security mainly come from artificial unintentional mistakes, man-made malicious attacks, loopholes in network software systems, and “back door” factors. Artificial unintentional mistakes are an important cause of network insecurity. In this regard, network administrators not only shoulder heavy responsibilities but also face increasing pressure. A little bit of careless, improper security configuration, will create a security bug. In addition, the user’s security awareness is not strong and does not operate in accordance with security regulations. If the password is chosen inadvertently, it is a threat to network security to arbitrarily transfer your account to others or share it with others.The network can be private, such as within a company, or it can be other networks that are publicly accessible. Cybersecurity involves organizations, businesses, and other types of organizations. As its title explains: it protects the network and protects and monitors ongoing operations.

Network security starts with authentication and usually uses a username and password. Since this only requires a verification of the username, the password, this is sometimes referred to as single factor authentication. Use two-factor authentication, also use what the user “owns” (for example, a security token or “dongle”, an ATM card or a mobile phone); and use three-factor authentication, also using the user’s ‘yes’ (for example, fingerprints) Or retina scan).Once authenticated, the firewall enforces access policies, such as which services a network user is allowed to access. While effectively preventing unauthorized access, this component may not be able to check for potentially harmful content, such as computer worms or Trojan horses that are transmitted over a network.

These new bags are incomparably fashionable, FENDI 2019 spring and summer series bag show http://cybersafety.mn/2019/03/05/these-new-bags-are-incomparably-fashionable-fendi-2019-spring-and-summer-series-bag-show/ Tue, 05 Mar 2019 07:46:24 +0000 http://cybersafety.mn/?p=472 FENDI 2019 spring and summer series big show has released. In this era of rapid information change, the trend is constantly changing. To attract the attention of the previous generation,…
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FENDI 2019 spring and summer series big show has released. In this era of rapid information change, the trend is constantly changing. To attract the attention of the previous generation, more changes are necessary! Nowadays, young people pay more attention to individuality and express themselves. FENDI also understands this truth. This season’s fashion item is a perfect interpretation of this trend, while retaining the freshness, while still retaining the brand’s unique charm.The show was decorated in a dreamy light pink, surrounded by romantic pink elements, the models brushed high and simple hair, coming slowly under the huge red gold stitching logo.In the front row of the show, we also saw a lot of familiar faces. ChiaraFerragni and singer Fedez were all present at the scene. They chose FENDI’s old-fashioned pieces to be worn in a retro style.

Retro resurgence

With the resurgence of timeless retro style, FENDI’s classic double F design is once again active in the public’s sight. The fashion masters personally interpret the retro style with these new 2019 Fendi bags. This season, FENDI’s classic old flower debuts with a new look. The retro color of the camel color and the F logo became a key element of FENDI’s quarter.The strong trend of PVC makes FENDI unable to ignore this element. Transparent PVC leather with camel leather, looking for balance in fashion and vintage, clothing comes with a sense of style, practical and luxurious.The F logo is implanted into the item in a three-dimensional embossing manner. Whether it is a pillow-shaped bag or a straight skirt, or a large version of the baseball jacket, you can detect the return of the LOGO.

The bright orange lights up the entire series in the show, like the orange flowerbed to be opened, not too weak, not too strong, but powerful.

The intellectual combination has a new interpretation in the FENDI 2019 spring and summer series. The angular silhouette of the suit adds to the feminine atmosphere, the advanced nude color and the retro brown-red color make them more modern.

In addition to the texture of the leather fabric, spring and summer, of course, indispensable print graphics, light and elegant print dress and divergent color block stitching, adding a touch of sexy to a woman’s gracefulness.

FENDI 2019 spring and summer series bag detailsFENDI’s accessories are also a must-have in the entire collection. Leather stitching pockets have been added to the classic styles, and the enhanced functionality of the handbags reflects the bag’s nostalgic texture. The multi-pocket mini waist-bag can not only span the waist but also  the chest, seemingly complicated, but full of practicality.

Understand Luxury Fashion: Fendi Me And My Peekaboo Reviews http://cybersafety.mn/2019/02/27/understand-luxury-fashion-fendi-me-and-my-peekaboo-reviews/ Wed, 27 Feb 2019 06:55:56 +0000 http://cybersafety.mn/?p=444 Fendi is an Italian luxury brand, which is a maternity-centered family business. The five daughters of the FENDI couple and the eleven children of the five sisters are all involved in…
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Fendi is an Italian luxury brand, which is a maternity-centered family business. The five daughters of the FENDI couple and the eleven children of the five sisters are all involved in Fendi. In 1962, Fendi hired Karl Lagerfeld, the Caesar of the fashion world, to design a double-letter logo for Fendi after the double G logo of Gucci and the doubles C logo of Chanel. The source of the double F is Fun Far, which was formerly a fur store. He also spent 10 million US dollars to hold the famous Great Wall show in China, creating a classic show in the fashion industry, and designed Karlito, which is based on himself. His existence is inseparable from Fendi’s achievements today.

Double F

Sensational Great Wall Show

Karl Lagerfeld and Karlito

Peekaboo Handbags

Fendi’s classic collection, from the low-key calm, outer leather and double F-pattern classic design on the lining at beginning of 2009 to today’s variety of styles: button, velvet, little monster, bead nail, embroidery, acrylic… it does not just a synonym for maturity, you can use any adjective to describe this bag. Changing from the inner stitch to the outer stitch makes the bag more three-dimensional, and the large and medium-sized Peekaboo leather side can be hung down, revealing that the inside is exactly the same as the Peekaboo hiding cat. Peekaboo has been advancing with the times. The super cute Micro peekaboo launched in 2014 has become the most popular IT BAG. Now it is the size of the men’s models. Its classic is that there is always one that can match your taste. There is also the Fendi Peekaboo Project that has to be mentioned. Every year, from 2014, different celebrities are invited to design Peekaboo in different countries. These limited Peekaboo series will be auctioned on the official website, and all proceeds from the auction will be donated to charity. Peekaboo will always surprise you.

Consider Micro as Decoration

Super Popular Little Monster

Baguette Handbag

Baguette was designed by Ms. Silvia Venturini Fendi, the third generation of the family. The broadcast of Sex and the City made the Baguette become the world’s first IT BAG. When Carrie Bradshaw was hired by a thief, she did not forget to emphasize: “It’s not a bag, it’s a baguette.” The word Baguette means “baguette” in French. People used to call it “the baguette”, not because it is much longer like French traditional bread, but because it is small and slender, the length of the shoulder strap is just under the arm, it is reminiscent of the elegant and glamorous French woman who took the French bread and walked out of the bakery scene, so someone later joked that the biggest advantage of the Baguette handbag is that there is no bread.

By The Way

By the way, there is a kind of casual and calm personality. The bag has a smooth and versatile line, light weight, and a lot of things can be carried. The handbag has four kinds of carrying methods, hand catching, hand-held, slung, shoulder, and the metal brand can engrave your own name.

Kan I Collection

Fendi’s 2017 style, “Kan I win over you”? is Kan I’s show language. Flowers, candy, cakes, as if took us back to the 18th century Rococo era, colorful, complex craftsmanship, and rediscovered the romantic dreamy girl’s heart, sweet and beautiful.

Fendi Dotcom and 2jours

Although these two bags are old, they are very practical, simple and stable, suitable for commuting to work. 2jours is from French Toujours, meaning forever, such a practical bag can always accompany you. Dotcom has a dot and a round hole, which fits well with the name. There is also a clutch in the handbag that matches the body.



There is also a clutch inside.

This time, I introduced these FENDI bags to you. If you like Fendi, please share your comments.

Three Useful and Practical Tips of Maintaining Cyber Safety for Everyone http://cybersafety.mn/2019/02/18/three-useful-and-practical-tips-of-maintaining-cyber-safety-for-everyone/ Mon, 18 Feb 2019 11:56:51 +0000 http://cybersafety.mn/?p=432 There are three ways to maintain Cyber Safety for everyone. Do you know what methods can be maintained? How to use the network correctly? Let’s take a look in the…
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There are three ways to maintain Cyber Safety for everyone. Do you know what methods can be maintained? How to use the network correctly? Let’s take a look in the following.

Computer network is an important means and way for people to understand society and obtain information through modern information technology. Cybersafety management is the fundamental guarantee for people to safely access the Internet, green Internet access, and healthy Internet access. What are the basic precautions for Cyber &Safety?

1, Protection of The Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety is to protect the security of the communication process between the network systems of business parties. Ensuring confidentiality, integrity, authentication and access control are important factors in Cyber Safety. The main measures to protect Cyber Safety are as follows:

  • Comprehensively plan the security strategy of the network platform;
  • Develop management measures for Cyber Safety;
  • Use firewalls;
  • Record all activities on the network as much as possible;
  • Pay attention to the physical protection of network devices;
  • Verify the vulnerability of the network platform system;
  • Establish a reliable identification and authentication mechanism.

2, Protection of The Application Security

Protection of application security, mainly for security protection measures established for specific applications (such as Web server, network payment dedicated software system), it is independent of any other security protection measures of the network. Although some protection measures may be a kind of Alternative or overlapping Cyber Safety service, such as web browsers and web servers encrypting network payment settlement packets at the application layer, all encrypted by IP layer, many applications have their own specific security requirements. Since the requirements of the application layer security in e-commerce are the most rigorous and complex, it is more inclined to take various security measures at the application layer rather than at the network layer. Although security at the network layer still has its specific status, people cannot rely solely on it to solve the security of e-commerce applications. Security services at the application layer can involve security for applications such as authentication, access control, confidentiality, data integrity, non-repudiation, web security, EDI, and network payments.

3, Protection of The System Security

Protection of the system security refers to security protection from the perspective of the overall e-commerce system or network payment system. It is related to the network system hardware platform, operating system, various application software, etc. The system security involved in network payment settlement includes the following Measures:

  • Check and confirm unknown security vulnerabilities in the installed software, such as browser software, e-wallet software, payment gateway software, etc;
  • Technology and management combine to make the system have minimal penetration risk, for instance, accessing is allowed through many authentications, all access data must be audited, and system users should be strictly managed;
  • Establish detailed security audit logs to detect and track intrusion attacks.
Can Gianna Jun, Who Is Accompanied by Daisy, Have A Beautiful Ending in The Misplaced Love? http://cybersafety.mn/2019/01/12/can-gianna-jun-who-is-accompanied-by-daisy-have-a-beautiful-ending-in-the-misplaced-love/ Sat, 12 Jan 2019 09:15:08 +0000 http://cybersafety.mn/?p=415 On a rare weekend, I thought about going out on foot. But the weather was bad and the blogger stayed at home for the whole day. In order to pass…
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On a rare weekend, I thought about going out on foot. But the weather was bad and the blogger stayed at home for the whole day. In order to pass the time, I take a movie to entertain. And a Korean movie “Daisy” with a love theme has successfully attracted me (well, at first glance, you know that the blogger is a person without the boyfriend. However, I am still very anxious about the coming of love).

An overview of the Korean movie “Daisy” story-line
Amsterdam, HuiYi (Gianna Jun) is a painter who goes to the square every day to help passers-by draw portraits. And like her, the weather is not changing, there is a daisy sent by someone on time every day, making her heart sway and curious.

One day, Zhengyou (Lee Sung-Jae) met the painter, who was an international policeman came to the city to hunt down the killer. But he was fascinated by the gentle and touching HuiYi, and their love was blooming.

These scenes are sent in the eyes and hurt in heart of the flower sender. His identity is killer Park Yi (Jung Woo Sung) that Zhengyou is looking for, destining to give him the position to give up, and to pay for it. However, after a strong love, he no longer hides in the dark, he is determined to fight for happiness.

The two people are legally and emotionally opposed, and they are destined to be unable to complete the ending. A misplaced love spread on the flower cloth of HuiYi, which depicts the daisy.

The movie is very beautiful. In addition to love, I also feel the sweetness brought by the daisy(the national flower of Italy). This kind of little flower can bring warmth and happiness to people.

Appreciation of the culture related to chrysanthemum plants
The flower song of daisy is innocent, peaceful, hopeful, pure beauty and love hidden deep in the heart. And it can divination the love. And it also presents to the literature of the United Kingdom describes belongs to Shakespeare.

Daisy flowers have often been used for divination love in Western countries since ancient times. Peel off the petals of this flower, peel off each piece, and meditate in your heart: love me, or not. Until the last petal, it represents the lover’s mind.
Another way is that you can know your wedding time through the number of daisy among the bunch that you pull up from the ground.

This kind of flower symbolizing happiness and sweetness will be appreciated by everyone. Fendi brought this flower to the work, so that those who don’t have a bag can harvest their own sweet happiness.

Fendi Peekboo Daisy flower black calfskin leather imitated bag

Here Are Some Leather Bags Full of Jewelry. Hurry! So as to Get The First Glimpse http://cybersafety.mn/2018/12/07/here-are-some-leather-bags-full-of-jewelry-hurry-so-as-to-get-the-first-glimpse/ Fri, 07 Dec 2018 09:30:31 +0000 http://cybersafety.mn/?p=395 Most of the high-end jewelry brands have expanded their leather products since the 1970s, and then jewelry has begun to grow up on leather goods. If people judge whether a…
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Most of the high-end jewelry brands have expanded their leather products since the 1970s, and then jewelry has begun to grow up on leather goods. If people judge whether a bag is popular, it is largely related to the appearance design, then followed by the internal composition. However, if a bag is decorated with jewelry, which girl can resist this jewelry bag. Especially in the pursuit of personality and fashion today, an ultra-luxury jewelry bag will be unforgettable and loved.

As a leather family, Fendi has been constantly updating its products for nearly 100 years. In 2005, Michael Burke was appointed CEO of Fend to shift the direction of the brand towards jewelry. His strategy: Inauguration ceremony at the new headquarters of Palarzzo Fend, designed by Peter Marino in the heart of Rome, the design blueprint incorporates modern installations(such as glass floors) and the 18th century Piano Nobile decoration are the ladder for the process of brand. Palarzzo Fend has also become the main trademark of the jewelry collection. This also laid the foundation for the perfect match of jewelry and bags.

Make jewelry with the craft of making custom bags and design bags with the concept of designing jewelry, Fendi links these two materials through demanding technology. Let the brand stand out in it bag. Fendi teamed up with one of Italy’s most prestigious and oldest jewelers to launch five original crocodile leather handbags, including two Baguette and three mini Peekaboo.

Baguette is sewn with pink or green crocodile skin, then the ruby, sapphire and emerald are placed on top of the gold trim. Blue crocodile mini Peekaboo is made of green leather. 723 sapphires and emeralds are embellished on metal rails and gold rotating locks, as well as deep red and black, which are refreshing.

Fendi emerald-blue gems green crocodile leather Baguette
Fendi red-white gems pink crocodile leather Baguette

Don’t underestimate such a handbag, it takes more than a hundred hours to make it. Top craftsmen make paper molds for various parts of the handbag, place them on crocodile leather, then cut the leather and sew the handbag.

Craftsmen will draw drafts of the ornaments, then use extremely long pliers to put the gemstones one by one on the draft, then pour the gold into the mold, cast the bag, rotate the lock and other details. Finally, the gemstones are hand-set by hand by top craftsmen. Colorful gems and diamonds are combined with an elegant and luxurious leather, which is interwoven with an unparalleled elegance.

Fendi green gems blue crocodile leather Mini Peekaboo
Fendi pink gems red crocodile leather Mini Peekaboo

The exquisite bag is embellished with pebbled gems or crystals, which not only makes whole bag unique, but also makes owner feel luxurious.
Appreciation of brand jewelry bags in other shapes

Wait A Jiffy for 2018 Great Fashion Gift Box: You Can’t Miss Fendi 3Jours Large Capacity Tote Bag http://cybersafety.mn/2018/12/04/wait-a-jiffy-for-2018-great-fashion-gift-box-you-cant-miss-fendi-3jours-large-capacity-tote-bag/ Tue, 04 Dec 2018 09:25:04 +0000 http://cybersafety.mn/?p=374 “A huge gift box is waiting for you to open”, this is a message pushed from the supermarket. A gift box? Then I click on the link. Wow, a big…
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“A huge gift box is waiting for you to open”, this is a message pushed from the supermarket. A gift box? Then I click on the link. Wow, a big golden box slowly landed on the open space of the mall. The decorative ribbon was pulled open: this is not the fitting room that I prepared for the charming Princess Ballet. Every item is very delicate and it is attracted at once. “Come here and you can also become a unique ballet princess.” Ok, I also experience the Christmas “Little Ballet Princess” of Fendi.

Fendi is always a brand that can surprise people. This black-gold gift box showroom will always bring a mysterious color to person. The new products of the brand are well arranged in the exhibition hall, just like the treasures in the cloakroom. Perhaps this sparkling color made me have a soft spot for the new bag of the Jours series. The matte leather and the lacquered leather are perfectly stitched together, and they are bright and full of charm.

With the popularity of 2 Jours, Fendi added a new member to the series – 3 Jours. Source of name: 2 Jours means two days in French and 3 Jours means three days. It means that this bag can be more popular. And it highlights the increase in capacity.

Retaining 2 Jours craftsmanship, this tote bag expands its wings to provide greater capacity for easy access to your belongings. If 2 Jours is a commuter bag, then 3 Jours is the corresponding “Weekend Leisure” package. And the beauty of this is that people can fold the sides into a more smooth shape, which is more funny and practical. Fendi 3Jours tote bag also has a large number of supporters.

Kate Upton with 3Jours tote bag

This print is very special, which is also the advantage of 2Jours and 3Jours. Too many different prints and styles, each one is classic. And the color is easy to control, it is an indispensable accessory for everyday wearing.

In addition to the tote bag, the showroom also has fashion accessories, which are all very cute – Strap You and Hypnodoll.

Fendi Strap You Shoulder Strap

This time, FENDI has introduced a replacement shoulder strap that is popular among fashion bloggers, offering a more flexible and wearable way. In the T Magazine’s December issue of Still Life, two new collections are presented by photographers.

Fendi Hypnodoll (left) Hypnotic eyes (right)

The black gold Hypnodoll fur doll pendant collection from this collection draws inspiration from Fendi Faces and reinterprets it. The dressing on the doll’s body is the most modern way to match it – the suede jacket with plush slippers is quite interesting.

You Need The Always Popular Accessory: Fendi Mon Tresor Bucket Bag http://cybersafety.mn/2018/11/24/you-need-the-always-popular-accessory-fendi-mon-tresor-bucket-bag/ Sat, 24 Nov 2018 09:22:29 +0000 http://cybersafety.mn/?p=356 The trend is flickering and it is always changing. While there is a bag that has always occupied an important position in the fashion circle. It is the sleek and…
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The trend is flickering and it is always changing. While there is a bag that has always occupied an important position in the fashion circle. It is the sleek and playful bucket bag, which is no red to purple but it can not stand the test of time.

Fendi has made some changes based on the traditional bucket bag – the standard size has been changed to mini and cute, and its capacity of Fendi Mon Tresor bucket bag, which can be loaded into the necessities and regardless of the occasion. In addition, Fendi Mon Tresor bucket bag has a hand strap and a shoulder strap, and can be freely matched. According to your needs, from an elegant hand bag to a sporty cross-body bag. In the fall and winter fashion week of 2018, many Fashion Icons have used this handbag, I believe that the future will be a hot style.

From the original kit, after experiencing the use of various hipsters, and decades of evolution, the bucket bag has undergone an ever-changing form and shape. Whether it’s soft texture, soft-cold bag, this bag still has the simple design with a simple style. Fendi Mon Tresor bucket bag has practical attributes, and it is also a handbag that is often used by celebrities.

Chinese actress, Zhang Ziyi
Korean actress, Ko Joon Hee

Let’s take a look at how attractive this bucket bag is, and the reason for popular.
Bag size: 15*18*25cm.
shoulder strap length: 45cm.
There are different styles for using. It can probably satisfy all the styling possibilities the people can imagine, and it is definitely a daily must-have bag!

Universal wear accessory
This style is not as angular as other bags. Bucket bag is like a small item that looks like a lazy and casual, which can walk into the hearts of people inadvertently. The style and design informal that can be perfectly matched with any style. Whether it’s fashion and modern, chic resort, sports and leisure or turned into Cool Girls or Elegant Ladies. So person can show their beauty from different angles. Even the formal wearing, it can reduce your sharpness and make you more energetic.

Super large capacity
If you must bring a lot of things when outside, then the capacity of bag must not be compromised. But it is also required to maintain a beautiful appearance, so bucket bag is definitely the best choice! It is both a role for value and a function. The body is smooth and simple, with a color of leather and no extra decorations. But people should never underestimate its “small physique”, which has 1.5 times the capacity of a typical handbag.

In addition to these flash points, the accessories of brand are also very hard. Strap You and Gelato are good companions for bucket bags.

The Smaller of The Original Size, The Cuter of The Bag: Karlito Fendi Micro Monster Peekaboo and Baguette Bag http://cybersafety.mn/2018/11/20/the-smaller-of-the-original-size-the-cuter-of-the-bag-karlito-fendi-micro-monster-peekaboo-and-baguette-bag/ Tue, 20 Nov 2018 09:36:04 +0000 http://cybersafety.mn/?p=341 If people like a large-sized bag, but they also have a need for a layered space in the bag. And the best way is to pick a sub-package. This not…
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If people like a large-sized bag, but they also have a need for a layered space in the bag. And the best way is to pick a sub-package. This not only satisfies the demand for large capacity, but also allows the items to be well classified and conveniently stored.
Of course, in addition to the function of storage, the bag is more decorative for women. The design of a bag is critical to the consumer. Fendi has always been on a refined route, what’s more, the collections of the brand are full of energy and style.

In fact, Fendi Micro monster bag has always dominated the fashion circle. Not only occupying the street shooting, but also becoming the trend of the popular star circle. And compared to Fendi Micro Peekaboo handbag, the Fendi Micro Monster Baguette bag is not ignorant during the debut. However, with the evolution of fashion trends, the Baguette handbags are getting more and more popular. And at the same time, the herd mentality adds the charm to this handbag. Let’s take a look at these two Karlito Fendi Micro Monster Peekaboo and Baguette Bags.

Fendi has changed both Peekaboo and Baguette bags into miniature ultra-mini size, which has made many stars fall in love. Such a cute and versatile bag is not very desirable. Let’s take a look at the love of stars for this bag.

Compared to the simplicity and elegance of Peekaboo bag, Baguette is more cute and stylish. Peekaboo is often decorated with flower splicing, while some bags are completely monochrome and unadorned. Even so, it is still very popular. This bag is suitable for a wide range of applications. The plush decoration enhances the viewing of the Baguette bag, which makes it funny when hung on the body. Of course, the unadorned Baguette bag is relatively elegant and beautifully matched.

The Japanese version of Vogue creative director Anna Dello Russo is also the Fendi Micro Monster Baguette iron powder. We have seen her different styles on different occasions with the Fendi Micro Monster Baguette!

Milan, Italy, Italy “Vogue” 50th anniversary celebration, supermodel Jessica Stam (Jessica Stam) handcuffs FENDI super mini bag.
Milan, Italy, Vogue 50th Anniversary Celebration, FENDI fourth-generation descendant Delfina Delettrez Fendi took the white FENDI ultra-mini bag to attend the event.

Naomi Campbell is wearing a black perspective dress, wearing fur and carrying a blue dress to the FENDI Blue Mini Bag.

Fashion blogger Eleonora Carisi handcuffs white Fendi Micro Peekaboo attended the 2014 Glamour Awards.

Whether it’s with high heels or sneakers, a dress or a long cotton suit, the Fendi Micro Monster Peekaboo and Baguette Bag will bring a different mix of surprises to the customers.