Online Security Protection Internet Safety Guard Lock Concept

There are three ways to maintain Cyber Safety for everyone. Do you know what methods can be maintained? How to use the network correctly? Let’s take a look in the following.

Computer network is an important means and way for people to understand society and obtain information through modern information technology. Cybersafety management is the fundamental guarantee for people to safely access the Internet, green Internet access, and healthy Internet access. What are the basic precautions for Cyber &Safety?

1, Protection of The Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety is to protect the security of the communication process between the network systems of business parties. Ensuring confidentiality, integrity, authentication and access control are important factors in Cyber Safety. The main measures to protect Cyber Safety are as follows:

  • Comprehensively plan the security strategy of the network platform;
  • Develop management measures for Cyber Safety;
  • Use firewalls;
  • Record all activities on the network as much as possible;
  • Pay attention to the physical protection of network devices;
  • Verify the vulnerability of the network platform system;
  • Establish a reliable identification and authentication mechanism.

2, Protection of The Application Security

Protection of application security, mainly for security protection measures established for specific applications (such as Web server, network payment dedicated software system), it is independent of any other security protection measures of the network. Although some protection measures may be a kind of Alternative or overlapping Cyber Safety service, such as web browsers and web servers encrypting network payment settlement packets at the application layer, all encrypted by IP layer, many applications have their own specific security requirements. Since the requirements of the application layer security in e-commerce are the most rigorous and complex, it is more inclined to take various security measures at the application layer rather than at the network layer. Although security at the network layer still has its specific status, people cannot rely solely on it to solve the security of e-commerce applications. Security services at the application layer can involve security for applications such as authentication, access control, confidentiality, data integrity, non-repudiation, web security, EDI, and network payments.

3, Protection of The System Security

Protection of the system security refers to security protection from the perspective of the overall e-commerce system or network payment system. It is related to the network system hardware platform, operating system, various application software, etc. The system security involved in network payment settlement includes the following Measures:

  • Check and confirm unknown security vulnerabilities in the installed software, such as browser software, e-wallet software, payment gateway software, etc;
  • Technology and management combine to make the system have minimal penetration risk, for instance, accessing is allowed through many authentications, all access data must be audited, and system users should be strictly managed;
  • Establish detailed security audit logs to detect and track intrusion attacks.