Fendi is an Italian luxury brand, which is a maternity-centered family business. The five daughters of the FENDI couple and the eleven children of the five sisters are all involved in Fendi. In 1962, Fendi hired Karl Lagerfeld, the Caesar of the fashion world, to design a double-letter logo for Fendi after the double G logo of Gucci and the doubles C logo of Chanel. The source of the double F is Fun Far, which was formerly a fur store. He also spent 10 million US dollars to hold the famous Great Wall show in China, creating a classic show in the fashion industry, and designed Karlito, which is based on himself. His existence is inseparable from Fendi’s achievements today.

Double F

Sensational Great Wall Show

Karl Lagerfeld and Karlito

Peekaboo Handbags

Fendi’s classic collection, from the low-key calm, outer leather and double F-pattern classic design on the lining at beginning of 2009 to today’s variety of styles: button, velvet, little monster, bead nail, embroidery, acrylic… it does not just a synonym for maturity, you can use any adjective to describe this bag. Changing from the inner stitch to the outer stitch makes the bag more three-dimensional, and the large and medium-sized Peekaboo leather side can be hung down, revealing that the inside is exactly the same as the Peekaboo hiding cat. Peekaboo has been advancing with the times. The super cute Micro peekaboo launched in 2014 has become the most popular IT BAG. Now it is the size of the men’s models. Its classic is that there is always one that can match your taste. There is also the Fendi Peekaboo Project that has to be mentioned. Every year, from 2014, different celebrities are invited to design Peekaboo in different countries. These limited Peekaboo series will be auctioned on the official website, and all proceeds from the auction will be donated to charity. Peekaboo will always surprise you.

Consider Micro as Decoration

Super Popular Little Monster

Baguette Handbag

Baguette was designed by Ms. Silvia Venturini Fendi, the third generation of the family. The broadcast of Sex and the City made the Baguette become the world’s first IT BAG. When Carrie Bradshaw was hired by a thief, she did not forget to emphasize: “It’s not a bag, it’s a baguette.” The word Baguette means “baguette” in French. People used to call it “the baguette”, not because it is much longer like French traditional bread, but because it is small and slender, the length of the shoulder strap is just under the arm, it is reminiscent of the elegant and glamorous French woman who took the French bread and walked out of the bakery scene, so someone later joked that the biggest advantage of the Baguette handbag is that there is no bread.

By The Way

By the way, there is a kind of casual and calm personality. The bag has a smooth and versatile line, light weight, and a lot of things can be carried. The handbag has four kinds of carrying methods, hand catching, hand-held, slung, shoulder, and the metal brand can engrave your own name.

Kan I Collection

Fendi’s 2017 style, “Kan I win over you”? is Kan I’s show language. Flowers, candy, cakes, as if took us back to the 18th century Rococo era, colorful, complex craftsmanship, and rediscovered the romantic dreamy girl’s heart, sweet and beautiful.

Fendi Dotcom and 2jours

Although these two bags are old, they are very practical, simple and stable, suitable for commuting to work. 2jours is from French Toujours, meaning forever, such a practical bag can always accompany you. Dotcom has a dot and a round hole, which fits well with the name. There is also a clutch in the handbag that matches the body.



There is also a clutch inside.

This time, I introduced these FENDI bags to you. If you like Fendi, please share your comments.