The trend is flickering and it is always changing. While there is a bag that has always occupied an important position in the fashion circle. It is the sleek and playful bucket bag, which is no red to purple but it can not stand the test of time.

Fendi has made some changes based on the traditional bucket bag – the standard size has been changed to mini and cute, and its capacity of Fendi Mon Tresor bucket bag, which can be loaded into the necessities and regardless of the occasion. In addition, Fendi Mon Tresor bucket bag has a hand strap and a shoulder strap, and can be freely matched. According to your needs, from an elegant hand bag to a sporty cross-body bag. In the fall and winter fashion week of 2018, many Fashion Icons have used this handbag, I believe that the future will be a hot style.

From the original kit, after experiencing the use of various hipsters, and decades of evolution, the bucket bag has undergone an ever-changing form and shape. Whether it’s soft texture, soft-cold bag, this bag still has the simple design with a simple style. Fendi Mon Tresor bucket bag has practical attributes, and it is also a handbag that is often used by celebrities.

Chinese actress, Zhang Ziyi
Korean actress, Ko Joon Hee

Let’s take a look at how attractive this bucket bag is, and the reason for popular.
Bag size: 15*18*25cm.
shoulder strap length: 45cm.
There are different styles for using. It can probably satisfy all the styling possibilities the people can imagine, and it is definitely a daily must-have bag!

Universal wear accessory
This style is not as angular as other bags. Bucket bag is like a small item that looks like a lazy and casual, which can walk into the hearts of people inadvertently. The style and design informal that can be perfectly matched with any style. Whether it’s fashion and modern, chic resort, sports and leisure or turned into Cool Girls or Elegant Ladies. So person can show their beauty from different angles. Even the formal wearing, it can reduce your sharpness and make you more energetic.

Super large capacity
If you must bring a lot of things when outside, then the capacity of bag must not be compromised. But it is also required to maintain a beautiful appearance, so bucket bag is definitely the best choice! It is both a role for value and a function. The body is smooth and simple, with a color of leather and no extra decorations. But people should never underestimate its “small physique”, which has 1.5 times the capacity of a typical handbag.

In addition to these flash points, the accessories of brand are also very hard. Strap You and Gelato are good companions for bucket bags.