“A huge gift box is waiting for you to open”, this is a message pushed from the supermarket. A gift box? Then I click on the link. Wow, a big golden box slowly landed on the open space of the mall. The decorative ribbon was pulled open: this is not the fitting room that I prepared for the charming Princess Ballet. Every item is very delicate and it is attracted at once. “Come here and you can also become a unique ballet princess.” Ok, I also experience the Christmas “Little Ballet Princess” of Fendi.

Fendi is always a brand that can surprise people. This black-gold gift box showroom will always bring a mysterious color to person. The new products of the brand are well arranged in the exhibition hall, just like the treasures in the cloakroom. Perhaps this sparkling color made me have a soft spot for the new bag of the Jours series. The matte leather and the lacquered leather are perfectly stitched together, and they are bright and full of charm.

With the popularity of 2 Jours, Fendi added a new member to the series – 3 Jours. Source of name: 2 Jours means two days in French and 3 Jours means three days. It means that this bag can be more popular. And it highlights the increase in capacity.

Retaining 2 Jours craftsmanship, this tote bag expands its wings to provide greater capacity for easy access to your belongings. If 2 Jours is a commuter bag, then 3 Jours is the corresponding “Weekend Leisure” package. And the beauty of this is that people can fold the sides into a more smooth shape, which is more funny and practical. Fendi 3Jours tote bag also has a large number of supporters.

Kate Upton with 3Jours tote bag

This print is very special, which is also the advantage of 2Jours and 3Jours. Too many different prints and styles, each one is classic. And the color is easy to control, it is an indispensable accessory for everyday wearing.

In addition to the tote bag, the showroom also has fashion accessories, which are all very cute – Strap You and Hypnodoll.

Fendi Strap You Shoulder Strap

This time, FENDI has introduced a replacement shoulder strap that is popular among fashion bloggers, offering a more flexible and wearable way. In the T Magazine’s December issue of Still Life, two new collections are presented by photographers.

Fendi Hypnodoll (left) Hypnotic eyes (right)

The black gold Hypnodoll fur doll pendant collection from this collection draws inspiration from Fendi Faces and reinterprets it. The dressing on the doll’s body is the most modern way to match it – the suede jacket with plush slippers is quite interesting.