If people like a large-sized bag, but they also have a need for a layered space in the bag. And the best way is to pick a sub-package. This not only satisfies the demand for large capacity, but also allows the items to be well classified and conveniently stored.
Of course, in addition to the function of storage, the bag is more decorative for women. The design of a bag is critical to the consumer. Fendi has always been on a refined route, what’s more, the collections of the brand are full of energy and style.

In fact, Fendi Micro monster bag has always dominated the fashion circle. Not only occupying the street shooting, but also becoming the trend of the popular star circle. And compared to Fendi Micro Peekaboo handbag, the Fendi Micro Monster Baguette bag is not ignorant during the debut. However, with the evolution of fashion trends, the Baguette handbags are getting more and more popular. And at the same time, the herd mentality adds the charm to this handbag. Let’s take a look at these two Karlito Fendi Micro Monster Peekaboo and Baguette Bags.

Fendi has changed both Peekaboo and Baguette bags into miniature ultra-mini size, which has made many stars fall in love. Such a cute and versatile bag is not very desirable. Let’s take a look at the love of stars for this bag.

Compared to the simplicity and elegance of Peekaboo bag, Baguette is more cute and stylish. Peekaboo is often decorated with flower splicing, while some bags are completely monochrome and unadorned. Even so, it is still very popular. This bag is suitable for a wide range of applications. The plush decoration enhances the viewing of the Baguette bag, which makes it funny when hung on the body. Of course, the unadorned Baguette bag is relatively elegant and beautifully matched.

The Japanese version of Vogue creative director Anna Dello Russo is also the Fendi Micro Monster Baguette iron powder. We have seen her different styles on different occasions with the Fendi Micro Monster Baguette!

Milan, Italy, Italy “Vogue” 50th anniversary celebration, supermodel Jessica Stam (Jessica Stam) handcuffs FENDI super mini bag.
Milan, Italy, Vogue 50th Anniversary Celebration, FENDI fourth-generation descendant Delfina Delettrez Fendi took the white FENDI ultra-mini bag to attend the event.

Naomi Campbell is wearing a black perspective dress, wearing fur and carrying a blue dress to the FENDI Blue Mini Bag.

Fashion blogger Eleonora Carisi handcuffs white Fendi Micro Peekaboo attended the 2014 Glamour Awards.

Whether it’s with high heels or sneakers, a dress or a long cotton suit, the Fendi Micro Monster Peekaboo and Baguette Bag will bring a different mix of surprises to the customers.