When referring the style of Fendi bag, Peekaboo is definitely the first time people will think of. It is not only the brand’s long-list best-selling package, it also has a very high position in the IT BAG community.

This bag was born in 2009 and is 9 years old. Peekaboo has been translated as “hide-and-seek” which is consistent with the “Fun Fur” keynote that Karl Lagerfeld definite in Fendi making the fur brand more interesting. In this 9-year period, Peekaboo has always been changing in terms of material and style.

Today, it has four models. In addition to the large and medium, in 2013, it introduced the Mini Peekaboo. After the launch, it also led the popularity of mini size packages. Then in 2014, Micro Peekaboo was launched, although this bag is so small that it can barely fit into a cell phone, its cute appearance is not only very pleasing, but it has once again redefined this classic package.

Different size basically meets the needs of ladies daily use in any occasion which is certainly one of the reasons for popularity. As for the different sizes of each bag, you can refer to the following figure:

The classic MINI PEEKABOO series is the goddess’ love. With a stylish and temperament mini bag, many supermodel street shoot IT BAG. Style design is very rich brand charm with the line reflecting the elegant and feminine atmosphere of urban women. Soft sheep leather (the sheepskin’s delicateness is obvious, so to be meditative) handbags shows a wonderful touching. Small and lightweight mini bag is beautiful and easy to carry, Full leather bag inside and outside with two internal compartments separated by a hard compartment bag. Engraved with Fendi logo, the polished locks and metal fittings are full of bright shine. Single handle (the handle is easy to sweat in the summer, tied with a scarves will be practical and beautiful)and adjustable long strap. And there are still double inner pockets.

Fendi Peekaboo has a super-powerful “star fan group”, abundant celebrities carrying it out of the street. For example, Fendi Peekaboo’s classic atmosphere is very suitable for charming ladies.

Sharon Stone

Gong Yi and Zhang Ziyi

Liu Wen, Xi Meng Yao

Blake Lively

Although the Mini Peekaboo may have no enough room for daily necessary, its interesting shape is also the best way to bring out the girl’s temperament. And Peekaboo also has the characteristics of wild, this is not only a good match with a good clothes, but also reflected in it is basically suitable for all ages. Carrying with it will not have a sense of violation. Don’t miss this classic mini bag,and it really suit for you to adorn the life.