The blogger recently watched an American drama “Sex and the City”, who was attracted by the film style of the last century, as well as the heroine’s free character, superb acting is impressed. The sentence:”It’s not a bag, it’s a baguette” seems funny. Then bag in the hands of the female master also succeeded in attracting my attention — Fendi Baguette Bag.

 “Baguette” means “baguette” in French. The reason for this name is because of its small and slender shape which allows French Girl to sandwich their bags under the arm like a baguette.

However, Fendi Baguette bag did not sell at the beginning when launched. At the time of “Sex and the City” broadcasting where Sarah Jessica Parker carries this bag. Fendi Baguette bag became popular, and ladies all want to own this “Carrie bag.”

Since 1997, Baguette has introduced thousands of different styles. Under the premise of maintaining the classic style, this series continues to innovate from the aspects of color, material and decoration technology. And various crocodile skins, denim fabrics, and other decorative objects such as pearls, sequins, and beading are introduced.

Rectangle shape bag cannot offer enough space, but it is absolute classic style.

Fendi Baguette is available in three sizes (Mini Baguette, Micro Baguette and Double Micro Baguette) to meet the different needs. The ingenuity of the colors, materials and decals making the number of people unclear are artworks.


Classic Baguette
Baguette gold sand leather handbag

Baguette denim beaded handbag
Baguette embroidered handbag

The double F logo on each Baguette bag is created in the 1960s by Karl Lagerfeld, now sitting in Chanel. Double F means “Fun Fur” which was later used in the Fendi brand of clothing, accessories and leather goods.

Followers of Fendi Baguette bag

The Baguette baguette, born in 1997, reflects the innovative concept of Silvia Venturini Fendi. From Sarah Jessica Parker in “Sex and the City”, and later introduced advanced versions such as Be Baguette, 3Baguette, etc, Baguette bag is always the first choice for fashion bags.

American fashion leader Sarah Jessica Parker sparked the “open bag effect” in drama “Sex and the City”.
New York’s first woman, Olivia Palermo, unveiled her bag.
International supermodel Liu Wen chooses the bag to walk elegantly on the red carpet
Cara Delevingne’s new back pack
Madonna, the singer of the singer, has a bag full of femininity.
Rihanna, who is getting more and more fashionable, also loves to pack.

In fact, in addition to its own characteristics, choosing bag needs to consider people’s own situation. As Mini Baguette is chic while not suit for commuting which just fitting street style. However, you can join a the Mini Baguette as a decorate to another bag that will be fashion also.